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Capitec Bank Personal Loans

Capitec bank loans

Capitec bank loans

Capitec Bank personal  loans can be for any purpose including home improvement, payday, debt consolidation, holiday or whatever suits. Short term personal loans tend to be loans of up to R50,000, whereas secured and unsecured personal loans can be anything up to R100,000.

At Capitec bank you are able to apply for up to R100 000.00 over terms of up to forty eight months. Within minutes Capitec is able to approve your loan  and the full loan amount is could be available in your bank account shortly after. Capitec bank loans are easy, convenient and offered at great interest rates that you won’t see repeated anywhere else in the highly competitive South African marketplace.

Here are the Capitec bank loans and the various options available to you right now;

Capitec Bank easy credit

• Paperless, quick and efficient application process.
• Choose your repayment terms from 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months
• Your loan amount is available instantaneously.
• Loans for up to R 100 000.
•  If you deposit your monthly salary into your Capitec bank account, you will benefit from lower interest rate charges.
• All loans in the 6 – 8 month bracket qualify for free credit life insurance
• Clients that receive a salary (monthly) may qualify for 1 to 48-month loan facilities
• Clients that are paid wages (weekly) may qualify for 1 to 12-month loan facilities
• All loans are subject to the approval of Capitec Bank’s credit policy.

Choose the Capitec Multi Loan

• A loan paid on a monthly basis can be approved annually (12 months) at the branch nearest to you for all clients that receive a monthly income (salary).
• You are able to draw your funds from any cashier or Capitec Bank ATM.
• Fees and interest are only charged on cash drawn from an ATM.
•    This option offers superior flexibility and puts you in control.

Apply now

Visit you the branch nearest to you and apply for your personal loan with the following documentation:
• Your green, South African, bar-coded Identification (ID) book.
• Evidence of where you reside in the form of your local Council rates and taxes account which is addressed to you, include the street address you reside at, and which is not already 3 months or older.
• You’re most recent salary slip from your employer.
• Your most recent bank statement displaying you transaction history for the past 90 days.

Capitec bank loans offer extremely competitive interest rates that will save you a bundle in the long run. You will require no explanation for you intended use of the loan funds and Capitec values your confidence in their procedures. There is a brief evaluation on your credit history prior to the loan being approved, and thereafter is send to an account of your choice within the same business day. Whatever the state of your personal financial affairs or the credit rating you have, get down to your nearest branch and enquire with the branch manager about Capitec bank loans and how they can help you.

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