African Bank inseconds

One of the biggest challenges facing you is whether you can access credit when you need it! This service enables you to easily know your credit eligibility so that your needs can be met, e.g. home improvements, emergencies, education etc.

inseconds enables you to use your Cellphone or computer to access a credit application safely and quickly, with minimal information required, to get an estimated credit offer for personal loans, credit cards and furniture loans.

Using this service, you will know if you are eligible for credit from African Bank wherever you are, inseconds. If you are happy with the estimated credit offer received you simply take your required documentation into your nearest branch and the credit will be granted.

Benefits of inseconds:

Quick and easy assessment
Convenience – it can be done anywhere, anytime
User Friendly
Saves you time
You will be required to sms the keyword (‘Offer’) to a shortdial number (49494) using your Cellphone. You are then sent a mobi service link to access the quick quote service, you can also use the internet to access the inseconds services via the website at The service is safe and secure.

If African Bank needs more information to be able to make a credit offer, you will be advised that an offer cannot be given at the present moment as more information is required and you are advised to contact the call centre on 0860 494 940 or to go to your nearest African Bank branch or Ellerines store.

Know you are also able to plan better and will know easily if you can obtain the credit you need.