Capitec Bank Personal loans


Personal loans Capitec offer personal loans up to R230 000 over a term of 2 to 84 months, depending on your requirements. The amount that you will qualify for will largely depend on your credit profile and affordability and you can apply within a ranch of any Capitec Bank in South Africa. You will receive fix monthly repayments from Capitec which makes it easier for you to plan and fir the repayment in to your monthly budget. To apply you would need your identity document, proof of residential address, salary slips and a 3 months of bank statements.

Multi loans A monthly loan of up to R4 000 (depending on your affordability assessment). Money is easily  available so you can do card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMs. Easy to use – transfer money to your transaction/savings account, using ​Remote Banking services (cellphone or Internet) and our ATMs. Affordable Interest and fees rates only charged on money transferred. Repayable in full each month. Reviewed at a branch every 12 months for your convenience.​

Credit Plan Capitec loans also have  Credit plans which are a contractual agreement which you can borrow money  now and agree to repay the bank at some later date. When you purchase goods and services using a credit card, they are buying on credit (receiving the item at that time, and paying back the credit month by month). you an also use this to purchase cars, houses and other items using this Credit Plan.

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source: CAPITEC Bank