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Apple have released the iPhone Red 7. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best, most advanced iPhones ever, packed with unique innovations that improve all the ways iPhone is used every day. Both phones feature the most popular camera in the world with advanced camera systems that shoot incredible photos and videos day or night, more power and performance with the best battery life ever in an iPhone, immersive stereo speakers and a wide color system from camera to display, all in a water and dust resistant design. iPhone comes with iOS 10, which brings more expressive and animated ways to communicate in Messages, new ways to use Siri with your favorite apps, beautifully redesigned Maps, Photos, Apple Music and News, and the Home app, which lets you simply and securely set up, manage and control your home all in one place.


Apple iPhone Red



FinChoice Loans

 FinChoice, the financial services company of the group, markets personal loans to HomeChoice customers of good credit standing. Our loan products offer terms ranging from 6,12 and 24 months, and customers can access further credit over time. The most popular product is our 6 month flexi loan. In every way, the loan process has been designed to ensure the greatest possible convenience for you, the customer.
Starting out in 2007, they are a registered financial solutions company with its customers’ needs at heart. If you’re short of money and facing difficult times, they provide loans with terms ranging from 6 to 24 months and also offer revolving loans and insurance products.

Finchoice is part of the HomeChoice Group

Complete convenience
  • No forms, no travelling, no fuss
  • 10-minute phone application
  • Receive up to R15 000 in your account in 24 hours
  • Fixed monthly instalments, so no surprises.
Control and flexibility
  • Manage your loan account securely, anytime,
    anywhere on your cell phone.
  • View your loan account balance
  • Take out a new loan with KwikDraw™ in only 2 minutes!
  • See how much you have available to KwikDraw™
  • Skip a payment with KwikSkip™ when times are tough

Loan Options

finchoice loan benefits

finchoice loan benefits

Address: 78 Main Road, Wynberg 7800

Postal: Private Bag X50, Claremont 7735

Fax: 021 680 8260

Cape Town


Old Mutual Loans

Old Mutual  Loans  is committed to providing personal loans and debt consolidation products that enable the responsible use of credit as part of a structured financial plan. Too many South Africans fall prey to loan sharks. The loans they get from these unscrupulous lenders aren’t designed around their situations and have high repayments. Old Mutual Loans for Blacklisted People are available online.

Old Mutual Persoinal loans has two main products, Old Mutual My Money Plan and Old Mutual My Personal Loan

 Old Mutual My Money Plan

Get a loan of up to R150 000 from 1-60 months.

 Old Mutual My Personal Loan

Up to R100 000  with 3 – 48 months to pay.

Old mutual home loans can be used for home improvement related purposes. Old Mutual  Loans

Contact Old Mutual Finance


DirectAxis Personal Loan

A DirectAxis Personal Loan of up to R100 000 is an unsecured loan that you can pay back over a repayment term of between 2 to 6 years. You can choose the loan amount that suits you, from R4 000 up to R100 000 (in increments of R1 000) which will be speedily deposited directly in your bank account.

A Direct Plus Loan of up to R150 000 with fixed interest rates! For those larger needs and expenses, a Direct Plus Loan amount from R50 000 up to R150 000, could be the answer. This loan is secured against your home. Opt for a repayment term from 4 to 10 years. A portion of the loan could be in your bank account directly and the balance could be within 2 months. An added benefit is that DirectAxis pays for the full conveyancing fees.

Whichever loan solution you choose, you are free to use the money however you like – make those home renovations, pay for your child’s education, consolidate your retail accounts and more!

Nashua Mobile Cellphone Contracts

Nashua Mobile is an independent telecommunications solutions provider that has built up a range of offerings from Broadband, Internet service provision and mobile Data through to messaging and cellular voice solutions. The company operates through three divisions: Corporates and SMEs; Retail and Franchise; LCR and Specialised Services.
The company is one of South Africa’s largest, independent cellular solutions providers and one of the few providers to offer customers the choice of all three networks (Vodacom, MTN and Cell C) and authorised Neotel and 8ta dealers. Nashua Mobile, with long-term Network agreements, have fifteen years of customer service experience, valuable partnerships and over 750 000 Contract subscribers, 9 000 email customers and 108 000 Data customers, is ideally positioned to grow and cement its place as South Africa’s premier Service Provider, as well as to move towards being a total communications provider.

Customers can browse deals and specials on the online Nashua Mobile store or customise their own contracts from a range of choices across all three cellular operators. They can create their own deals by bundling together phones or modems, tariffs, value-added services (SMS bundles, itemised billing, data bundles, device insurance) and accessories.

The process includes an online credit check, said Nashua Mobile. Customers that are currently with other service providers can also apply to port to Nashua Mobile through the online service. Once a subscriber’s contract is approved, Nashua Mobile will deliver the order to his or her door and collect all documents required for RICA.

Doug Mattheus, marketing director at Nashua Mobile says: “Nashua Mobile was one of the first cellular service providers to offer our customers online services such as a self-service portal and electronic billing. Online self-service is a perfect way to empower our customers and to make the telecommunications experience simpler and more convenient for them.”

“By taking paper out of business processes such as applying for contracts, Nashua Mobile is also reducing its carbon footprint,” adds Mattheus.

The online application process currently caters for new cellular and data contracts and the customer can complete one deal at a time.


Nedbank Home Loan
Nedbank’s Ordinary Home Loan is a flexible Home Loan that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.
You can use your home loan to finance the purchase of an existing residential property or to make significant
structural improvements to your existing home. Whether it is to buy your dream home or to turn your existing
property into your dream home, Nedbank can make it happen for you and your family
What Does It Offer Me?
You can pay off your home loan over a period of up to 25 years with a fixed or variable interest rate. We give you access to further loans or excess funds, and the option to pay off your home loan sooner. With our comprehensive insurance products you can cover both your home and your home loan.
Repayment term of up to 25 years
Fixed or variable interest rate options
Further loan without registration of a new home loan (Readvance) which gives you access to the capital amount already paid off up to the original loan amount
Further loan with registration which allows you to register a second loan that grants finance for a variety of uses (depending on affordability up to the latest valuation amount)
NedRevolve gives you access to excess funds which accumulate should you pay more than the prescribed instalment or a lump sum into your home loan account
Funds are available in multiple draws of a R1,000
Nedbank Accelerated Payments which enables you to pay off your home loan sooner than the term stipulated in your home loan agreement
Home Owner’s Insurance cover on freehold homes at full replacement value
Loan Protection Assurance for loans up to R500,000 and below
In order to qualify for a Nedbank Home Loan you need to meet certain criteria based on the property value, your earnings and your credit record.
You earn R2,500 per month or more (single or joint gross monthly income)
The value of the property you want to buy is R100,000 or more
You have a clear credit record
You will be assessed for affordability in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA). Approval is subject to Nedbank’s credit qualifying criteria and a property valuation.
To make it easier for you we have compiled a checklist of documents you will be required to submit with your home loan online application.
Fully completed Home Loan application inclusive of Income and Expenditure; Assets and Liabilities
Copy of Identity Document/s
Copy of signed offer to purchase, except where no sale is taking place
Latest 3 months’ personal bank statements, original and stamped
If Maintenance/Alimony forms part of earnings:
Latest 3 months’ bank statements (original and stamped) reflecting the maintenance/alimony payments
Copy of the court order
If client has been rehabilitated, proof of insolvency rehabilitation (Rehabilitation Order)
If applicable an IT 34 may be required as well as any other supporting documentation at the discretion of Nedbank
If endorsement 45 (COP) or 57 (ANC):
Decree of divorce
Death certificate for deceased
For salary earners:
If commission forms part of earnings, 3 months’ salary slips or commission schedules
Latest pay slip
For the self-employed:
Latest 6 months’ business bank statements (original and stamped for non-Nedbank clients)
If applying in the name of an Individual, Joint names or Trust:
Latest financials/management accounts
Trust documents (where applicable)
If applying in the name of a Company:
Latest audited financials
Company documents
Auditor’s letter
If applying in the name of a CC:
Latest financials
CC Documents
Auditor’s letter confirming income


FNB Home Loan
So, you’re in the market for a new home. It’s an exciting step and there is nothing like a brand new space to call your own. Before your search begins, FNB Home Loans would like to ensure that your journey to home ownership is a smooth one. Here are some guidelines to help you every step of the way.
Flexi Option
This helpful financial management option available on your home loan provides easy access to surplus funds 24 hours a day, at one of the lowest interest rates available in the market today.
Why do I need this?
Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding balance and capitalised monthly
Free interim home loan statements are available at FNB ATMs
Free detailed home loan statements are available Online or at the nearest branch
You’ll have 24-hour access to your funds via any of our electronic facilities
The interest rate offered on this facility is currently one of the lowest in the market place when comparing it to other types of borrowing, making it the ideal facility to finance other expenditures
Funds are available via FNB ATMs or Online Banking
Is this for me?
The Flexi Option is suited to:
New and existing clients
Joint bondholders *
Non-trading Close Corporations*
Non-trading Companies*
* One person is required to transact on behalf of all the other parties concerned

** Transfers can only be made to a FNB banking account, in the name of the Trust
What can I do with this?
With the Flexi option, you can:
Transfer any prepayments and surplus payments made to your home loan
Transfer funds directly to your nominated FNB account
Transfer amounts starting from R1000
Do I qualify?
To qualify for the Flexi option you need to:
Be a South African Citizen
Have a registered home loan in excess of R100 000
The linked account must be a FNB transactional account in the same name as that of the bond holder, where joint, in the name of one of the bond holders
Ensure that repayments are made by debit order or salary stop order
Avail of the variable interest rate option
Note: Should your home loan account fall into arrears or if your home loan is in the process of being cancelled, the Flexi option will no longer apply
Re-advance allows you to withdraw funds from your existing bond in an easy and convenient manner from you existing home loan.
A Re-advance gives you access to the funds that make up the difference between the original registered home loan amount and the outstanding balance. It’s simpler than registering an additional bond and the funds are readily available.
Is this for me?
Re-advance is suited to:
Customers who want access to capital repaid
Customers who do not qualify for a Pre-paid and do not want to register a Further Loan
Why do I need this?
It is easier than registering a Further Loan
Your monthly repayments are automatically adjusted
You can apply for the term of the loan to be extended conjunction with the application
What will it cost?
A re-valuation fee will be applicable in instances where a valuation is required.
A Readvance fee will be charged.
Your Monthly Service fee will be adjusted in line with the current fees in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA). Refer to our Annual Pricing Guide for specific fees.
Refer to our Annual Pricing Guide for specific fees.
Do I qualify?
To qualify for Re-advance you need to:
Be a South African Citizen
Access a minimum withdrawal amount of R4000
Have a registered home loan in excess of R100 000
The linked account must be a FNB transactional account in the same name as that of the bond holder, where joint, in the name of one of the bond holders
Ensure that repayments are made by debit order or salary stop order
Avail of the variable interest rate option
Note: Should your home loan account fall into arrears or if your home loan is in the process of being cancelled, the Flexi option will no longer apply
What is Future Use?
Future Use is a progressive home loan solution that allows you to register a bond greater than the home loan amount you require, creating a surplus amount that you can access at a later stage.
Future Use takes into consideration the hectic pace of life today and the fact that your needs change from one moment to the next. By planning ahead, you can use the available value in your home to your best advantage.
Is this for me?
Future Use is suited to:
New and existing FNB Home Loans customers.
Existing customers accessing further funds.
Customers with plans to make future improvements on their home.
Why do I need this?
You only pay legal fees on the registered bond amount once and, as a result, save money in the future.
You save time with a once off home loan registration allowing greater flexibility with future access to additional cash.
Monthly repayments are based on the funds that have been paid and not on the registered bond amount, making it more affordable.
You have long term security and accessibility to your funds.
What can I do with this?
If your property has increased in value, you may apply to use the additional finance on anything you choose, from home improvements to holidays abroad. If your home has not yet increased in value, the Future Use amount can only be used for home improvements that will build additional value in your home.
Do I qualify?
To qualify for Future Use you need to:
Individual or joint income must be a minimum of R18 001 per month
Have a clear and favourable credit record
Must be 18 years or older
The term of the loan must expire before age 75
Have legal capacity to contract
Be able to meet affordability criteria
Be a South African Citizen
What do I need to do?
You have to apply for access, with each application being subject to the bank’s credit approval policy in terms of the National Credit Act.
If you are completing a new home loan application for Further Loan application, you will be given the opportunity to apply for the Future Use option.
Further Loan
Further Loan enables you to register a greater amount of finance over and above your original registered bond amount.
Why do I need this?
You can have access to additional funds without having an additional stand alone loan that needs to be managed separately. The new applicable repayment will include Further Loan registered and payments made via debit order will be automatically updated.
Is this for me?
You require funds in excess of your registered amount
You don’t have sufficient Pre-paid or Re-advance funds available
What can I do with this?
You can use the additional amount for whatever you choose
Do I qualify?
To qualify for a Further Loan you need to:
Have an existing loan with FNB
Be a South African Citizen
Earn a minimum individual income of R18 001
Have sufficient equity in your property
Your application assessed subject to credit approval
What will it cost?
An Initiation fee will be applicable.
Your Home Loan may be repriced, and your interest rate may be affected.
Your Monthly Service fee will be adjusted in line with the current fees in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA). Refer to our Annual Pricing Guide for specific fees.
What do I need to do?
You need to complete the appropriate FNB Home Loans application form
You need to produce a copy of your ID, proof of income and residence, a recent salary advice and a copy of your marriage certificate, if applicable
If you are self-employed, you also need to produce six months’ bank statements
How does it work?
For example, if the purchase price of your home is R800 000 and you register a bond of R1 000 000, the additional R200 000 is your Future Use amount.

R800 000 Payout amount
R200 000 Future Use amount
R1 000 000 Registered bond amount
What will it cost?
Your monthly repayments will be calculated on the total loan amount and will be recalculated with each subsequent Future Use pay out.
A Future Use Draw Down fee will be applicable.
Your Home Loan may be repriced, and your interest rate may be affected.
Your Monthly Service fee will be adjusted in line with the current fees in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA).
Refer to our Annual Pricing Guide for specific fees.


The Absa Home Loan enables you to finance residential property, including vacant land. A wide range of flexible features and options are available, allowing you to customise and tailor your home loan to suit your specific requirements and unique lifestyle. The Absa Home Loan is the key to your property finance needs.
An Absa Home Loan could be the right choice if you:
Want to buy a home
Would like to build a home
Would like to improve your existing home
Want to use the equity in your home to manage your debt
Would like to use the equity in your home loan to access additional funds
Are keen to invest in property
What you get?
Flexible repayment terms so you can repay your loan over any term up to 30 years
A range of interest rate options
Easy access to make use of available funds immediately with FlexiReserve
Adjustability which lets you save interest by depositing an additional amount into your loan
Extendibility so you can increase your loan in the future to finance whatever you want
MyHome Home Loan
Keen to buy your own home, but not sure whether you can afford it? Turn your dream of homeownership into a reality with a MyHome Home Loan from Absa. Designed to help everyone get onto the property ladder, the Absa MyHome Home Loan is an affordable home loan for people who earn up to R16 500 a month.
A MyHome Home Loan could be the right choice if you:
Earn R16 500 or less per month (either as a single or joint income)
Are in possession of a South African Identity Document
Can show proof of regular income (or find out how we can help using a TargetSave account)
What you get?
100% home loan covering the total purchase price of the house
Managing your home loan training is provided for free
Protection: pay less on your monthly service fee when taking out Homeowners Comprehensive Insurance
Flexible repayment so you can repay your loan over any term up to 30 years
Your monthly repayments can remain the same for the fixed rate term
A tailor-made Absa Home Loan Protector Policy that will pay off your outstanding home loan amount in the event of your death and includes the option of permanent disability cover
A deposit, if required, to cover the outstanding home loan amount


For most of us, a home is the biggest and most significant investment of our lives. It’s more than just shelter. It’s where we raise our families.
Our ordinary home loan gives home buyers the opportunity to finance a property. Home buyers will need to make provision for the upfront bond registration and transfer costs as well as any deposit required. The maximum loan to value (LTV) that Standard Bank is willing to offer is 95% depending on the loan amount applied for and whether you hold a cheque account with Standard Bank.
Our home loans offer you a number of choices, including fixed and variable rate options. The customer that applies for this loan can apply as a private individual , joint application or a juristic application (i.e. Trust, Close Corporation or Company) as well as for a range of benefits that allow you to select the right loan for your needs
What is AccessBond?
AccessBond is a unique and effective money management facility that lets you deposit into and transfer surplus funds from your home loan to other linked accounts.
Your installments will automatically increase in relation to your balance increasing as you transfer surplus funds from your home loan account.
Your installments will not automatically be reduced if your balance decreases because you have deposited surplus funds into your account – you would need to specifically request a recalculation of the monthly installment based on the outstanding balance.
How do I qualify for AccessBond?
To qualify for the AccessBond facility you must have a Standard Bank Home Loan Account and another Standard Bank account.
Your home loan account must be linked to an Autobank Card or a Standard Bank MasterCard, which can be done through any Standard Bank branch.
Joint, company, close corporation and trust accounts may qualify for the AccessBond facility, provided that the application form is signed by all members. A special resolution is required for companies, close corporations and trusts.
Cards from other financial institutions cannot be linked to a Standard Bank Home Loan Account.
Why should I consider this facility?
AccessBond enables you to draw statements and enquiries on your home loan accounts, deposit surplus funds into your home loan account and transfer funds to and from other linked Standard Bank accounts to your home loan account. It’s more flexible than any other home loan option.
How do I benefit?
The outstanding balance of your home loan is reduced when you pay excess funds into your AccessBond account – this means that you pay less interest on your home loan. Because interest is calculated on a daily basis, the benefit is effective from the day on which you deposit the funds.
Having an AccessBond is convenient as you can access it at any AutoBank or AutoPlus, telephone banking, fax or the Internet. It is also cost-effective as you are not charged extra service fees on your home loan for deposits to or transfers from your account. Normal current account and MasterCard service fees apply. And it translates into cash – you can access surplus funds deposited into the home loan account from any Standard Bank ATM.
AccessBond – facts and figures
ATM limit
The ATM limit facility allows you to withdraw funds taking the balance up to your original loan amount. This limit is subject to approval.
The amount available to transfer from the home loan account will be the difference between the balance and the ATM limit. The ATM limit may never exceed the approved loan amount.
ATM link
The ATM link facility allows you to withdraw excess funds (amounts over and above the monthly instalments) deposited into your home loan account. You can also make balance enquiries via AutoBank and AutoPlus ATMs – or online using Internet banking.
Deposits and transfers to the home loan account
There is no limit on the number or value of deposits or transfers you may make into the account available. Funds from the home loan account can only be transferred to another linked Standard Bank account electronically – using ATMs or the Internet.
Suspension of AccessBond
The facility will be suspended under the following circumstances:
If you apply for a further advance while the additional loan is being processed
where the bond account is in the process of being cancelled
where legal action is being taken
What documentation do I need?
You need to complete a formal application for the AccessBond facility – arrange one through your Standard Bank branch.
What are the costs involved?
There is no additional charge to the home loan to have this facility. The normal transaction fees on the linked Standard Bank account, will apply.


Qualifying income of R8,000 per month
No transaction fees on purchases
Value Choices offers that are exclusive to Gold
Lower interest rates
View the SwipeStakes competition terms and conditions here,
The Standard Bank Gold Card benefits include the following;
Basic automatic travel insurance cover
Free Secondary cards
Access to Value Choices – no joining fees and exclusive offers for Gold card customers
Free Internet banking
Free Secure Internet Shopping
Basic automatic travel insurance
Free emergency card replacement outside South Africa
Get the following transactions free per statement cycle:
One cash deposit
One ATM provisional statement
One over-the-counter provisional statement
One balance enquiry at an ATM
One balance enquiry over-the counter
You receive up to 55 days’ interest-free credit. If used wisely, it could be your most effective financial management tool.
You have control over how you want to use your credit card limit as the revolving and budget limits are combined into a single account limit.
MasterCard Moments adds even greater value to your card. Visit for more reasons to use your Standard Bank Gold Credit card.

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