FNB Easy Account

First National Bank (FNB) has recently launched their low-cost FNB Easy Account. The innovative strength and ability of this account is that it has been linked to a Savings Pocket which offers interest of up to 2.75%, depending on the account balance.

FNB Easy Account account also allows one to pay for shopping using a card at no extra cost, draw free cash on the till at retail outlets such as Shoprite Checkers, PEP, Boxer, Pick n Pay and selected Spar stores.

FNB Easy Accountalso offers Cellphone Banking or FNB ATMs to make transfers and account payments, buy airtime and send money. Other benefits include the fact that there is no minimum balance required on the account, low monthly fee and some of the cheapest bank charges around, free subscription to inContact which facilitates an SMS every time R100.01 goes into or out of the account, free subscription to Cellphone Banking and Internet Banking and an Easy Account Gold Visa card. To qualify for this Easy account, a client just needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of a South African ID book and show proof of residence which is not older than 3 months. Contact FNB on contacted on 0861733359.