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Loans for Blacklisted People

Find a Loan SAMany people in South Africa have are blacklisted or have a bad credit history and think there is no chance whatsoever of getting a loan if you are blacklisted. This is not necessarily true. You may not be able to get a loan approved for you by banks and other  lender, but it is possible to take out a blacklisted loan.We provide free services for all blacklisted people. We as a loan company provide clients with a direct connection to loans, loans for blacklisted and loans for people with bad credit record.  Cash loans, same day personal loans, same day cash loans, cash loans online, blacklisted, personal loans online and financial services are also available to blacklisted people for free. You can get a loan  from R20000 up to R200000 and this can go a long way to provide you with the necessary funds in a time of crisis or to get rid of a nagging creditor. If you need money urgently for whatever reason, but have a poor credit history, a blacklisted loan may be the perfect solution for you. The money will be paid out to you a lot quicker than is the case with most other types of loans. To find out whether you qualify for a blacklisted loan, simply complete our online cash loan application form and we will have an answer for you within a few hours.


contact us on: Tel:+27 (0)21 202 0579 Fax: +27 (0)86 232 7972

Capitec Bank Personal loans


capitec personal loans

capitec personal loans

Personal loans Capitec offer personal loans up to R230 000 over a term of 2 to 84 months, depending on your requirements. The amount that you will qualify for will largely depend on your credit profile and affordability and you can apply within a ranch of any Capitec Bank in South Africa. You will receive fix monthly repayments from Capitec which makes it easier for you to plan and fir the repayment in to your monthly budget. To apply you would need your identity document, proof of residential address, salary slips and a 3 months of bank statements.

Multi loans A monthly loan of up to R4 000 (depending on your affordability assessment). Money is easily  available so you can do card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMs. Easy to use – transfer money to your transaction/savings account, using ​Remote Banking services (cellphone or Internet) and our ATMs. Affordable Interest and fees rates only charged on money transferred. Repayable in full each month. Reviewed at a branch every 12 months for your convenience.​

Credit Plan Capitec loans also have  Credit plans which are a contractual agreement which you can borrow money  now and agree to repay the bank at some later date. When you purchase goods and services using a credit card, they are buying on credit (receiving the item at that time, and paying back the credit month by month). you an also use this to purchase cars, houses and other items using this Credit Plan.

contact us on – tell: 0860 10 20 43, fax: +27 21 941 0770, email:

source: CAPITEC Bank

Standard Bank Home loan

standard House Loans

standard House Loans

Buying your first home can be complex and stressful, and finding extra money to pay a deposit and costs can be daunting. Let us jump start you to home ownership by including your bond costs into your loan. Our home loans are designed to grow and change with you. We have tips on how to reduce the costs of your home loan, options to help you access extra funds and ways to help make repaying your home loan easier. you can Apply online or call 0860 500 000

Features and Benefits

You can apply on your own or with a partner as long you and your partner have not owned a property. You may qualify for a Home loan of 104% of the value of the property, provided the Home loan amount does not exceed R 1 million and depending on your affordability and risk profile. The “extra” affordable 4% may only be used to pay the transfer and bond registration costs. You can repay your loan over 20 years. Affordable interest rates. 

What do I need to get my Home loan?

You have to be 18 years or older or be an emancipated minor. You have to earn a single or joint gross monthly salary of R3 500 or more. You need to have a transaction account into which your salary is deposited or trusted relative or partner with such an amount. Bad credit not a factor.


you can get a Home loan of up to R1500000, payable up to 20 years earning a salary of R5000


source: Standard Bank tell:  0860 123 000 email:

Old Mutual Loans

Old Mutual  Loans  is committed to providing personal loans and debt consolidation products that enable the responsible use of credit as part of a structured financial plan. Too many South Africans fall prey to loan sharks. The loans they get from these unscrupulous lenders aren’t designed around their situations and have high repayments. Old Mutual Loans for Blacklisted People are available online.

Old Mutual Persoinal loans has two main products, Old Mutual My Money Plan and Old Mutual My Personal Loan

 Old Mutual My Money Plan

Get a loan of up to R150 000 from 1-60 months.

 Old Mutual My Personal Loan

Up to R100 000  with 3 – 48 months to pay.

Old mutual home loans can be used for home improvement related purposes. Old Mutual  Loans

Contact Old Mutual Finance


FNB Easy Account

First National Bank (FNB) has recently launched their low-cost FNB Easy Account. The innovative strength and ability of this account is that it has been linked to a Savings Pocket which offers interest of up to 2.75%, depending on the account balance.

FNB Easy Account account also allows one to pay for shopping using a card at no extra cost, draw free cash on the till at retail outlets such as Shoprite Checkers, PEP, Boxer, Pick n Pay and selected Spar stores.

FNB Easy Accountalso offers Cellphone Banking or FNB ATMs to make transfers and account payments, buy airtime and send money. Other benefits include the fact that there is no minimum balance required on the account, low monthly fee and some of the cheapest bank charges around, free subscription to inContact which facilitates an SMS every time R100.01 goes into or out of the account, free subscription to Cellphone Banking and Internet Banking and an Easy Account Gold Visa card. To qualify for this Easy account, a client just needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of a South African ID book and show proof of residence which is not older than 3 months. Contact FNB on contacted on 0861733359.

African Bank Long Term Loans

With African Bank, you don’t have to wait for life to start. Get an African bank Long Term Loan of up to R180-,000 which you can repay for up to 84 Months. You can enjoy the lifestyle you want now, with African Bank’s personal loans tailor made for you. You might need credit for adding that extra room to the house, for your own or your child’s education or may want to pay off your debt.

Whatever your needs, African Bank offers personal loans up to R180,000* with comfortable terms of up to 84 months* to repay. Or, if you prefer, shorter repayment plans are also available.

FinSA Cellphone Contracts

FinSA only provides  Vodacom Top-Up packages. Personal loans range from R1000 to R150 000 and can be taken over 3 to 60 months.The benefit on this type of package is that you have total control on your mobile expenditure as you receive a fixed amount of airtime at the beginning of every new calendar month and as soon as your airtime has been utilized it can be topped up by a Vodacom recharge voucher.

If you have judgments or are blacklisted you are able to still apply. This is a 24 month contract that is able to be upgraded after the contract is expired and you will receive a new handset totally free.

All you need to apply:• ID Book
• Latest Pay slip
• Two months Bank StatementAddress:
356 Smith Street
Suite 805
8 th floor Denor House

Tel: 031 306 0075
Fax: 086 263 0531

Bridge Loans – Loans for Blacklisted People

With a strong network of 150 branches across the country, eligible individuals can apply for loans starting from R500,00 to R15,000 to fulfill personal needs or responsibilities. This is a golden chance for blacklisted individuals to start over and practice responsible borrowing. So whether you want to celebrate your anniversary in style or invest in a small business, Bridge Loans n is sure to be at your side within 48 hours of receiving your credit application.

R 1000 to about R 100, 000 Loans From RCS

    RCS loans are a good choice of personal loans ranging from R 1000 to about R 100, 000 depending  on your specific needs.
  • The loan offering is for a period of 1 to 5 years time with an application process that is speedy, simple, and paperless!
  • You can have the money transferred to your account as fast as within a day or two. They also have a customer-friendly environment owing to the Customer Protection Insurance policy that provides cover in case of death or disability.
  • RCS also offers interest rates that are highly competitive in the South African market relative to other banks.
  • You can pay your loan back through a debit order, which makes paying back exceedingly simple and convenient, or you can use specific retailers or pay via EFT.

123 Cash Loans

123 Cash Loans  specialize in same day payouts of short to medium term cash loans of up to R8 000, as well as payday loans, with the ability to apply for your cash loans online.

Payday loans are payable at your next payday meaning they are up to 30 day and can be applied for online.Even if you are blacklisted , we can help,s long as you are not under Debt Review or Administration Order.You need to have been in your current job for at least 6 months.

Our application process for our cash loans is simple, fast, safe and the confidentiality of our clients is assured.

We cover all of South Africa with branches in Boksburg, Capetown, Centurion, Durban, Pinetown and Randburg

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